About Us

They say it takes 10,000 hours of focused activity to become a world beating expert in any pursuit! That was the challenge Vivienne Anthon gave herself when deciding that Australia needed its own wrapping guru to showcase how gift wrapping can become a creative art form in and of itself.

But words are cheap. The proof is in the pudding, or in this case in the creative implementation of gift wrapping using everyday paper, tape, products and decorations. So Vivienne set herself the task to wrap for 365 days of one year and then another year..and then another year. 

And what a journey it was as Vivienne found the fascinating, the quirky, the weird named days from Australia and throughout the world and through her creative gift wrapping, made each of those days come alive like you’ve never seen before.

Vivienne is always challenging herself to use techniques she hasn’t mastered before and through your comments and queries she’ll readily share those tips and tricks with you.

Vivienne started life as a lawyer, went on to run a coeducational P-12 private school, then into the business environment as CEO of a large business to business education and consulting organisation. She sits on a number of boards as a non-executive director and believes there’s nothing that double sided tape can’t fix.