Five Top Tips for Writing Thank You Notes

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When my sister and I were growing up my mother was absolutely fanatical about us writing thank you notes.  It is a great habit and one that is appreciated more now than ever.  How excited are you when you actually receive snail mail?  In the days of electronic communication, it means so much that someone has taken the time to personally put pen to paper and write a thank you.  Here are five top tips for writing thank you notes

  1. Write the note promptly after you receive a present or are a guest;
  2. It must be handwritten;
  3. It does not need to be War and Peace - keep it sweet, simple and short;
  4. Personalise the note (with either personalised stationery or cute cards that mean something to the recipient); and
  5. Teach your children to write thank you notes.

At Stylie, all our cards are blank inside, so you can write a thank you note or use them for an occasion.  Here are just a few from our range:






Just remember manners never go out of style.



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