Pineapple Pieces

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We love the pineapple. It is a timeless motif that manages to match a fascinating history with contemporary appeal

Our glitter gold pineapple garland is one of our most popular products and we have sent it as far afield as Israel.

The pineapple is a symbol of hospitality and welcome which is why it is routinely spied as a door knocker and on welcome mats. Thanks to Christopher Columbus, it is also associated with luxury. Columbus brought the pineapple to Spain from the Caribbean. Because of its rarity and fragility and that fact it was almost two centuries before anyone in Europe worked out how to cultivate it – the pineapple  fast became the must have show off  fruit at the banquet table  and the hostess gift de jour.

Our pineapple cutlery pouch is the way to go when you want to do some easy entertaining.  You put the napkin and cutlery in the night before and put the cutlery pouches on the table - table setting done.

The pineapple motif popped up in wood carvings, brass fittings and soft furnishings in stately homes and historic buildings throughout Europe and the more recently in the Americas. King Charles II of England posed for his royal portrait in 1675 while being gifted a pineapple by the Royal Gardener, John Rose.

The pineapple really is a gift fit for a king which is why we have a number of pineapple pieces in our product range. We love the oranges and pinks of the pineapple stationery by Jessica Leigh – scrumptious pineapple posters, pineapple greeting cards and pineapple gift tags.

We have a white textured pineapple garland for a breezy coastal chic look and we shamelessly re purpose our glitter garland as a gift tag when we are looking for a bit of extra pop.  

So you can guess what gift tag we are going to use to wrap these fabulous little earrings we spied recently…….

Guess the quest for fabulous pineapples will continue a little while yet.

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