Wrap it up with Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

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I have a wrapping theme every Christmas and last year it was chalkboard. So with Christmas in July approaching I thought I would share our family chalkboard Christmas look, which brought more than the occasional WOW from visiting guests. 

I have often asked myself,  why am I so obsessed with chalkboard wrapping?...perhaps it is the classic combination of black and white, may be its my educational background or it  could be the deliberately handwritten look.  

All you need to achieve this look is some good quality black kraft wrapping paper and a good gel pen (my favourite is the Uniball Signo pen). Black kraft wrapping paper is far from somber. It is a wonderful canvas on which to craft bespoke messages (sorry gift tags we are benching you for this look).  The good news is that the chalkboard look doesn’t require the writing to be perfect. 

chalkboard wrapping

    christmas in july gift wrapping0


 We did not stop just at wrapping the gifts with black kraft paper, we also decorated the table with the same stunning paper and some custom made cutlery holders (that doubled as name tags).  At our gift wrapping courses, we love to show you a few other tricks with wrapping paper that will dazzle your friends.




Chalkboard is of course not limited to Christmas at all…in fact I have a gift that’s headed overseas for my brother in law’s birthday Crisp look, botanical touches and date stamped.


If you have any classic chalkboard gift wrapping creations, we would love to see them. You can never have enough chalkboard in your life.  

[Stylie Note:  This blog was written by Vivienne, our gift wrapping expert.  If you would like to learn how to gift wrap with ease and style, you should attend one of our gift wrapping courses in either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.  To find our when our next gift wrapping course will be held please email us at]

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It is not a party without bunting

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Every party needs bunting.  Write some words on your bunting and you know exactly the occasion. It is such an easy way to decorate. In a nutshell, bunting = festive mood.

 At Stylie, we were obsessed about chalkboard bunting, and embarked on a quest to find reusable chalkboard bunting. We could not find any in Australia. Last year, Stylie went to the National Stationery Fair in New York and had an Aha moment. We found the holy grail. Yes, stunning reusable chalkboard bunting. It can be reused again and again and again. You can write Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Dessert Buffett and much more.




At Christmas it was the main decoration above our Christmas Table, we loved it so much it stayed up for the entire Christmas period (during the rainy season in Queensland) and it still looked good.



So next time you are having a party, bring out the bunting.

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