Winter Gift Wrapping Workshops

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The weather is getting cooler and we are moving inside. That makes it the perfect time for workshops. My gift wrapping workshops are always popular in the Aussie winter months of June, July and August - well away from the more frantic countdown to Christmas. This June, I will be holding workshops in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne featuring techniques, tips and the latest gift wrapping styles and trend from when I visited Paperworld - the world's largest Paper Fair in Frankfurt earlier in the year. Melbourne. It's two hours of  hands on wrapping along with a good dose of our trademark fun and humour. Participants learn four wraps and four bows and the best part is they don't need to bring a thing - it's all there waiting. Looking forward to seeing you there.

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Christmas Tree Gift Tags

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O Christmas Tree! O Christmas Tree! Thy leaves are so unchanging. Unless of course it is a Christmas Tree Gift Tag which we are loving for the upcoming festive season.

We source our Christmas tree tags from The Paper Empire in Melbourne which creates cool and quirky gift tags for all occasions. They name all of their newly created gift tags and Terry the Christmas tree was one of the first to receive its moniker. There is something vaguely heart warming about calling your gift tag by its first name.

The Christmas Tree Tags include the red Terry, white Terry and kraft Terry. The thing about the tag is that it can become the feature, meaning you don't have to waste time or funds on fussy Christmas paper. Use plain paper and let Terry do the heavy lifting. Terry can also be used for mini bunting, place cards, to jazz up a kraft  lolly bag, adorn a stocking on your chimney (or virtual chimney) as a book marks or to loving make a Christmas card.

The tags create a traditional wrapping look.

For those who like the ephemeral, golden, floaty Christmas look, Terry still comes up a treat.

And Terry also has an edgier funky fluoro incarnation. We are loving the hot pink Terry because we are going to go with a hot pink theme for one of our Christmas looks.  If you have a particular colour you love, email us to discuss with us making a unique colour tag for you.  

So whatever your Christmas look, think about a Terry Christmas tree because as the famous Christmas carol goes

"O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree! Much pleasure thou cans't give me. 

"O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree! Much pleasure thou cans't give me. 

How often has the Christmas tree afforded me the greatest glee!

"O Christmas Tree O Christmas Tree! Much pleasure thou cans't give me. 

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Six Black and White Wrapping Ideas

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black and white one


Black and White spots look great with a grosgrain ribbon.


black and white two


Black and White using a satin ribbon and some journal paper for wrapping.


black and white three


A belly band adds interest to any wrapping


black and white four


Use the pleating technique when wrapping cylinder objects.


black and white five


A bit of gltiz and glam.


black and white six

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Our Top Five Wraps of the Day

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Every Day our gift wrapping guru Vivienne, wraps up another present that is themed for the particular day.  Here are the top five since we started our wrap of the day.

Sunday 28 June was Stay in Bed Day which is an annual fundraising and awareness initiative of the Australian Mitochondrial Disease Foundation (AMDF). The day launched 6 years ago as a way to raise awareness of Mito - as it is known - in the community. The day was a play on words highlighting one of the many side effects of the disease - sufferers are simply not able to get out of bed. Our wrap is actually six wraps put together to form a bed ( bed head, bed, four pillow pouches).

wrapping gift wrapping courses

This wrapping was to celebrate International Take Your Dog to Work Day. It's a day for employees and employers to welcome dogs into the workplace to promote the physical and mental health benefits of pet ownership. Now bringing a pet to work is not for every pet and every workplace - but if it does work for you it can be such fun.... Just like our fun wrap with the gorgeous Doggie tags. You can buy them here.

gift wrapping for dog lovers

You only need small pieces of fabulous paper to make our next gift wrap soar! Set your kites against a brilliant blue sky and you're all set. We took our inspiration for today from Benjamin Franklin who on this day in 1752 flew a kite during a thunderstorm and collected a charge in a jar to demonstrate the electrical nature of lightening. We certainly don't advocate flying kites in a storm but we do love the majestic shape of the versatile and clever kite.

gift wrapping

The  inspiration from this wrap was drawn from the marvellous mojito and the flavours of Mexico. Why today 18 June? Because Vivienne was on a mojito march around Melbourne and meeting lots of marvellous people in the process. I'm also on a march to find the cutest gift tags in existence and these little cactus tags known as Wayne the Cactus certainly fit the bill.

gift wrapping

The inspiration was International Fairy Day. This day falls during the holiday of Midsummer, which is associated with the summer solstice ( or winter solstice for Southern Hemisphere fairies). The solstice actually occurred yesterday, but the celebration extends a few days before and after. So push past all the princess paraphernalia out there and discover the beautiful art that surrounds the fairy.... It makes for a mystical magical look.

gift wrap

If you would like to learn about gift wrapping and how to make a gift pop (don't worry we start at the basic and go as fast or slow as you like), then you should sing up for our gift wrapping workshops.  You can register online here


If you would like to follow our wrap of the day just like our Facebook page or our Pinterest Page.  What is your favourite?

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Wrap it up with Chalkboard Wrapping Paper

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I have a wrapping theme every Christmas and last year it was chalkboard. So with Christmas in July approaching I thought I would share our family chalkboard Christmas look, which brought more than the occasional WOW from visiting guests. 

I have often asked myself,  why am I so obsessed with chalkboard wrapping?...perhaps it is the classic combination of black and white, may be its my educational background or it  could be the deliberately handwritten look.  

All you need to achieve this look is some good quality black kraft wrapping paper and a good gel pen (my favourite is the Uniball Signo pen). Black kraft wrapping paper is far from somber. It is a wonderful canvas on which to craft bespoke messages (sorry gift tags we are benching you for this look).  The good news is that the chalkboard look doesn’t require the writing to be perfect. 

chalkboard wrapping

    christmas in july gift wrapping0


 We did not stop just at wrapping the gifts with black kraft paper, we also decorated the table with the same stunning paper and some custom made cutlery holders (that doubled as name tags).  At our gift wrapping courses, we love to show you a few other tricks with wrapping paper that will dazzle your friends.




Chalkboard is of course not limited to Christmas at all…in fact I have a gift that’s headed overseas for my brother in law’s birthday Crisp look, botanical touches and date stamped.


If you have any classic chalkboard gift wrapping creations, we would love to see them. You can never have enough chalkboard in your life.  

[Stylie Note:  This blog was written by Vivienne, our gift wrapping expert.  If you would like to learn how to gift wrap with ease and style, you should attend one of our gift wrapping courses in either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.  To find our when our next gift wrapping course will be held please email us at]

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Paper Bow Making Kit

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I am not an overly flouncy person but I do like a gift that's beautifully as distinct from fussily wrapped.  

To me, the most important element of a gloriously gift wrapped gift (assuming of course that the gift has crisp edges and hospital grade tucks and folds) is the embellishment. The Queen (nay the Empress) of embellishments is the venerable bow and it would not be an understatement to say that I have cracked the code on how to make the perfect bow look perfect every single time.

The trick is the paper bow which is not only gorgeous but practical and economical too. So we set to work prototyping a paper bow making kit and refining it in our gift wrapping classes. The minds of many pedantic wrappers and stylists have contributed to this.

 The kit contains a template for three bow sizes, instructions and three sheets of double sided paper (the double sided paper is the secret sauce).

The kits make a great gift that mails flat (yippee)  and suits any age from a dexterous 8 to an industrious 80 (with apologies to my mum who is elegantly past 80 and who loves the bows).

Paper Bows..... Uniformity and impact every time .....Who would have thought it?

Ta dah... the final kick ass product


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