Frenchies and Dachshunds lead the way

Posted on May 15, 2016 by Vivienne Anthon | 0 comments

Just like clothing, jewellry, shoes and children's names, dog breeds come in and out if fashion. Which is why I was so interested to read an article by the ABC on the must have designer dogs. The article even had a graph. It must be proper.

And what do you know...French Bulldogs and Dachshunds lead the way as the dogs de jour. This makes me feel just a little bit vindicated because because I have been in love with cute gift tags and bunting in the shape of dogs. I think it adds a cute touch to a dog lover's gift.

Like most things fashionable it is hard to know why something comes into favour and equally why it drops off the cool radar. But when it comes to French Bulldogs and Dachshunds there are a few indicators. Firstly, the celebrity element. When Hugh Jackman poses with pictures of himself and his Frenchie called Dali, you know you'd better get one. Secondly, the trend to smaller houses and apartment living are a boon for the smaller breeds - Great Danes are struggling. Thirdly, these breeds have a certain savvy personality about them which make them ideal for owners who are single as well as families with children.

People who are drawn to a particular breed are often drawn to one another - their doggie obsession giving them something to bond over. If you like a dachshund, you'll really love it and want your fellow doxies lovers to love it too. If you adore your French Bulldog, you're automatically a bestie with other Frenchie owners. 

And if you want to share the love, you can do no better than the doggie gift tags and bunting in the shop - the perfect little gift or gesture for the doggie lover who has everything.

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