Flamingo a go go

Posted on November 07, 2015 by Vivienne Anthon | 0 comments

Our sister has a property in the beautiful Brisbane Valley. She has a penchant for decorating her dam - who wouldn't? Which is why we weren't one bit surprised to see a giant flamingo floating gracefully on her dam when we drove in for a long lunch recently. Our sister has always had a thing about flamingos and she says the rest of the world is now catching up with her!


Must be the fabulous pink of the flamingo that draws the eye. That is certainly the case for our beautiful flamingo stationery from talented Melbourne artist Jessica Leigh. The A3 and A4 flamingo prints, flamingo greeting card and flamingo gift tags are too cute and among our best sellers. They make instant impact as a decorator touch.

But then again, may be its the distinctive flamingo motif that appeals. Our rose gold and silver flamingo wrap was one of the most popular posts on Facebook recently.

There are heaps of fabulous flamingo touches out there. We picked up some adorable flamingo Christmas tree lights, as well as some gorgeous flamingo skirts for two very special little girls, flamingo cushions and duvets, flamingo serviettes and even flamingo coloured nail polish.

These fabulous Flamingo skirts are available from Betty & Lola

Is the colour? Is it the distinctive shape? Is it the fact that flamingos are occasion agnostic? Is it the fact the collective noun for a group of flamingos is a flamboyance? Who knows? But one thing is for sure...the flamingo is really the go go!


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