5 Great Gift Suggestions for Dachshund Devotees

Posted on June 18, 2015 by Jacky Barker | 1 comment

Just a few weeks ago, I found myself literally in the middle of an RSPCA Million Paws Walk. I hope lots of dollars were raised for this really worthy cause.

Dogs of all shapes, sizes and breeds were parading around in the height of fashion from RSPCA bandanas to crystal studded collars and fancy capes that would put Batman to shame. There were Huskies, Poodles, Corgis, Vislars, Great Danes, Chihuahuas and many many Dachshunds.

A Dachshund  cuts a particularly fine silhouette – there’s just something about the Doxie that’s well – adorable. That adorableness multiplies when the distinctive Dachshund is captured on stationery and home accessories.

Dachshund tea towels, gift tags and bunting are among our best sellers – purchased with equal zeal by Dachshund and non-Dachshund owners alike.  The good news is that we have expanded our range to include even more gift suggestions for people who love everything Dachshund.  

Dachshund Silhouette Cards

This solo Dachshund silhouette works well as a card – its blank inside so it can be used for any occasion – but it works even better when mounted in a photo frame to a stylist’s flair to any room.

Dachshund Silhouette Card



Ich Bin Ein Dachshund

The ich bin ein silhouette card is also blank inside and perfect for that quirky someone or occasion. As they say in the fashion world – work your silhouette – and when it comes to the world of canine fashion, the Dachshund owns the catwalk. Or should that be dog walk?

Daschund Bunting

Our dachshund garland makes a great gift for the dachshund lover. The ten individual Penny dachshunds and 3 metres of twine can be used to brighten up your favourite places and spaces. The dachshunds are packed flat, making them the perfect gift to post interstate or overseas.


Dachshund Gift Tag

Penny the dachshund is part of the Guten Tag range of tags for cool and quirky gifts.   Use these gift tags to adorn gifts, as place cards, invitations, bookmarks or mini bunting. 


Dachshund Tea Towel

True words of wisdom for all the dog lovers out there. Beautifully hand screen printed in milk chocolate brown on a white 100% cotton Tea Towel. For hanging on the wall or drying the dishes. We call our tea towels - fabric posters.
So whether you are looking for a gift for a dog lover or a dachshund devotee you have heaps of brilliant gifts to choose from.



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