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Book Club Agenda

 How many Book Clubs do you belong to? Among my friends, the most I have heard of is five. Wow. That is a lot of reading (I wonder if that would make my friend five times more appealing to Oprah?) but it also means a lot of interesting conversations with interesting people.

 In a former life, I wrote and taught a class called Managing Meetings. Despite the rather functional sounding name it was very popular. One of the major components of the course was that the key to an effective meeting is an effective agenda.


A great agenda accurately reflects the spirit and deliverables of a meeting. That's why I am drawn to our Book Club Tea Towel very closely modelled on my sister's own Book Club. The Book Club Agenda items have been tried and tested over many many meetings - go with what works I say!!


The Book Club Tea Towel is our most popular selling item and after many reorders and reprints we know why - it's perfect for Book Club gifts, Book Club hostess gifts or as the official flag of the Book Group. We know of one Book Club where the members ceremonially raise the tea towel to denote they are officially in session.


And, of course,  you can actually use the Tea Towel. It sure beats many other Book Club gifts hands down. I don't quite get Jane Austen Air Freshener, the Shakespearian lip balm set or chunky coffee mugs with seriously disturbing sayings.


Our Book Club Tea Towel is seriously easy to post, making it a great gift for fellow Book Clubbers residing overseas or interstate.


As long as there are books (e books or hard cover or any other format) there will be Book Clubs. And Book Clubs will always need an accurate Agenda!!! Oh, and by the way....if you like my tips work meeting agenda, just email!!!

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