Enveloped in Envelopes

Posted on June 16, 2017 by Kim Carruthers | 0 comments

I am loving the envelope as a wrapping option for flat items, gift cards or printed gift vouchers. Envelopes have a fascinating history (yes they do) and there are so many envelopes from which to choose. Pick up some coloured envelopes, textured envelopes, natural paper envelopes or you could even make your own. Envelopes also look rather fabulous lined up en masse so if you are giving vouches or promotional items away don't rule out the envelope. 

I make my own envelopes to wrap larger items. They are easy to create and are perfect for gifts made of fabric such as scarves, T Shirts, tea towels and napiery. My secret tip for giving a large envelope wrap form is to pop a piece of cardboard inside. This helps the wrap keep its shape and also take a ribbon or twine.  

So Next time you have a wrap that is flat or relatively flat...remember to envelope yourself in envelopes. 

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