Is Frozen Still Cool?

Posted on November 23, 2015 by Vivienne Anthon | 0 comments

It's nearly three years since the movie Frozen hit our screens with its mighty messages of girl power, sisterhood, loss, and letting go, making it the highest grossing animated film of all time and the fifth highest grossing film ever ever ever.

With such phenomenal ongoing success, and the release of the short sequel Frozen Fever and with Christmas peeking over the horizon, we are asking ourselves has the passion for Frozen thawed? Will anything remotely snowflake looking be snapped up as soon as it is placed on the shelves?

We think there is one more Christmas left in the snowflake look. We are not talking about the heavily branded Frozen merchandising like cups, plates, worrisome party favours and really odd looking table cloths that are in every cheap and cheerful bargain store. We are talking about the elegant snowflake and silvery theme which has a certain timeless elegance AND  could speak to Frozen if it had to ( just in case the screaming toddler of one of your Christmas guests is Frozen mad).

We are seeing beautiful snowflake gift wraps in silver and icicle glitter being snapped up.


We are seeing silvery blue winter garlands create an instant winter wonderland.

We are witnessing pearly white snowflake gift tags being fought over.  If you would like to order this tags just click the photo to Email us.

We are noticing snowflake ornaments – which to us a really a present topper waiting to be deployed –the first to go in the shopping basket.  

And the last time we saw a sparkly silver  snowflake motif on a crisp  white napkin was in mid-October.

Even as we swelter at Christmas time with not a snow flurry in sight, it seems the snowflake is destined to continue its dream run as the princess of all Christmas motifs. When it comes to the snowflake motif, It will be a long long time before we let it go.

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