Oddly shaped gifts

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The first and most earnestly asked question at our workshops is “How do I wrap an oddly shaped gift?”

The quickest fail safe option is to put the gift in a box. Why struggle to wrap on oddly shaped gift for the sake of it? I have seen a lot of paper sacrificed in the pursuit of wrapping an unusually or irregularly shaped object with a less than stellar outcome. Put the gift in a box and wrap it well.


If you can't put the gift in a box, then it is time to make the gift easier to wrap and harder to identify. Wrap the gift in a few layers of bubble wrap or tissue paper building up unusual indents and angles with extra wrap. The extra layers will add intrigue as the recipient unwraps it.

Your aim is to keep layering until the shape approximates a rectangular prism and you cannot accurately determine what the object is. Then you begin wrapping the gift with your chosen wrapping paper. Select a sheet of paper that is about three to four times the length of the gift. Put the paper in portrait position and place the gift about 5 cm from the short edge of the paper nearest to you. Bring the two long sides of paper into the centre of the gift – the sides don’t have to meet. Fold in the short edge nearest to the gift and then roll the gift three times – viola – a neat little package that disguises what lies within.


Finally, you could always make a feature of the unusually shaped gift. I am thinking something like a tuba which contestants at the Scotch Tape gift wrapping contests had to conquer. 

Leave the gift unwrapped or partially wrapped in all its glory and embellish it with a major ribbon or ornament to suit the theme. Then present your gift to the lucky recipient with a knowing smile.

Learn how to wrap gifts of any size, shape or structure at our gift wrapping courses. Lots of tips, lots of laughs and lots of learning from others.


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