7 Different Ways to Wrap A Gift with One Roll of Kraft Paper!

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I just love wrapping paper and wrapping gifts. I am the first to admit that there is no end to my appetite for fabulous gift wrapping paper in all manner of colours, patterns, textures and finishes. But, as my family and friends will attest, I am also drawn to efficiency and ease with a twist of style as I think most of us are.

That's why I have a fascination with kraft paper. I always have a roll of kraft wrapping paper on hand. It is so versatile because it can be used to wrap for any occasion. In fact, I would go so far to say that if you only have one roll of wrapping paper, make it kraft.

The word kraft derives its name from the German word for strong .Gift wrapping with kraft was originally the preserve of those seeking a natural or rustic feel who drew on embellishments from nature to complete the look. And while I have used that style, I much much prefer to use kraft for a wide range of celebrations and recipients, challenging myself on how to make one paper stretch to an infinite number of looks.

Here are seven super looks with kraft paper.

Kraft Wrapping Paper Tips


  1. Monogram - kraft paper with a large letter.  I love the letter g and so did Georgia, my friend's daughter.
  2. Flower Power - kraft paper and small flowers punched out of card from an event brochure. This created the perfect look for botanical drawer satchels destined for my sister in law.
  3. Ric Rac - kraft paper with ric rac around the centre.  This gift was an awesome toy for a three year old's birthday party.
  4. Black Tie - kraft paper, kraft patterned paper belly band and small black bow. A business card holder wrapped for my dearest and definitely not frilly husband.
  5. Stripy to a Tea - kraft paper with a stripy bow.  Not too feminine and not too masculine!!  My friend loved the wrapping more than the gift inside (which was some divine fragrant tea).
  6. Floral Notes - kraft paper with a cross over floral ribbon.  Inside this wrapping was a set of personalised stationery.
  7. I Love You - kraft paper with a satin bow and a glitter card.  I thought this was the perfect way to wrap a Mother's Day present (and so did mum).

It is much easier to create embellishments from what you have at home than to conjure up some event specific wrapping paper. So the key to a unique look every time is kraft paper plus some clever touches. Other than the gift tags, all of the embellishments on my seven super kraft gifts were either recycled or repurposed. I never throw away a ribbon (NEVER EVER).  I just iron it (yes there have been a few heat wrinkled disasters but I have had more successes than failures and I now boast a killer ribbon drawer). I'm also not shy about reusing beautiful papers that were once part of something else - a product wrapper, magazine, folder or promotional item.

I should also finally declare that as I write this, I am about to head off to a party for a dear wee thing. Once again...kraft to the rescue for my favorite little man.  The perfect gift tag for a little boy, who loves dogs, is from the Stylie range of gift tags.  This gift tag is our Hamish the Scottie Dog Terrier Gift Tag I knew I couldn’t keep it to just seven looks!!!!

[Stylie Note:  This blog was written by Vivienne, our gift wrapping expert.  If you would like to learn how to gift wrap with ease and style, you should attend one of our gift wrapping courses in either Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne.  To find our when our next gift wrapping course will be held please email us at hellostylie@bigpond.com]

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