Paper Bow Making Kit

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I am not an overly flouncy person but I do like a gift that's beautifully as distinct from fussily wrapped.  

To me, the most important element of a gloriously gift wrapped gift (assuming of course that the gift has crisp edges and hospital grade tucks and folds) is the embellishment. The Queen (nay the Empress) of embellishments is the venerable bow and it would not be an understatement to say that I have cracked the code on how to make the perfect bow look perfect every single time.

The trick is the paper bow which is not only gorgeous but practical and economical too. So we set to work prototyping a paper bow making kit and refining it in our gift wrapping classes. The minds of many pedantic wrappers and stylists have contributed to this.

 The kit contains a template for three bow sizes, instructions and three sheets of double sided paper (the double sided paper is the secret sauce).

The kits make a great gift that mails flat (yippee)  and suits any age from a dexterous 8 to an industrious 80 (with apologies to my mum who is elegantly past 80 and who loves the bows).

Paper Bows..... Uniformity and impact every time .....Who would have thought it?

Ta dah... the final kick ass product


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